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think president obama did something really important today, i really agree with you on that. and it's to say that the two-state solution, which many people have been saying is dying, time is running out on it. he's saying, look, this is the only alternative we have for justice, for israelis and justice for the palestinians. and only to viable, thriving states can be at peace. so it was an important day. and i'm glad he finally put his marker down. >> ej, quickly before we go, president obama does very well with the jewish vote in america. i think if he was able to speak out directly to those people, he would get a lot of applause on exactly the same lines. what i'm talking about is that self-proclaimed group in washington, in republican world. the world that tries to say chuck hagel is somehow anti israel, this kind of organized approach to the notion that there's some separation between the obama administration and israel. that was never true, and it was proven completely untrue today with this speech. >> you know, i heard an argument once between two folks who were pro israel. and
. >> the speech was reminiscent of remarks the president gave in cairo in 2009, something mr. obama himself took note of. >> four years ago i stood in cairo in front of an audience of young people politically, religiously, they must seem a world away. but the things they want, they're not so different from what the young people here want. they want the ability to make their own decisions and get an education and get a good job and worship god in their own way, to get married, raise family. the same is true of those young palestinians i met with this morning. the same is true for young palestinians who yearn for a better life in gaza. that's where peace begin, not just in the plans of leaders but in the hearts of people. >> this was mr. obama's chance to appeal to a new generation of israelis and to reach out to them in a personal way, something his critics charge he hasn't done before. in many ways it was vintage obama. the world witnessed the return of the hope and change go from 00:2from -- change guy from 2008. >> let me say this as a politician. i can promise you this. political leaders wil
in militarily, then people ask why we are not doing something. lou: senator carl levin, pushing president obama to take a hands-on approach to the removal of bashar al-assad. and as senator john mccain looking for a no-fly zone to be instituted. while calling for surgical airstrikes to help drive the bashar al-assad. the president repeated that any evidence of this weapon to use would be a game changer, as he put it. president obama defended his administration's reluctance to use military force to quell the syrian civil war. >> when we are working with the syrians themselves, so this is not externally imposed, but rather something that is linked directly with the aspirations of the people inside of syria, it will work better. lou: the king has also said the same. inside jordan comment they are the they delivered with answer should bashar al-assad we powers. >> we need to institute a transition as quickly as possible. if the issue ever came up, all of us would have to put our heads together and figure out if that would help the balance quickly. lou: the senate in the midst of a vote. their expre
and looking down the road. >> kimberly: listen to this clip of leno. he has something to say about president obama. >> president obama is now in israel. it is his first trip to israel as president. he did not bring along joe biden. the president trip to israel is called a high profile trip. not as high profile as playing golf with tiger woods but still high profile. it's not that great. >> kimberly: all right. too conservative? what that is what some suggest. >> eric: someone tweeted maybe he's pulled off because he is focusing his comedy toward the center part of the country, rather than the two coasts which are more liberal. i don't know. maybe. johnny carson, every single late night host goes after the president. i don't know why we are calling him out for going after obama. >> greg: it's a disgrace that none of the jokes involve sarah palin. habit he read the script? that -- hasn't he read the script? that's what you. do make fun of sarah palin, someone not a president, exgovernor of alaska. that is the person you go after. not after obama. i have to go back to this. i don't care who is
there was a lack of trust between obama and netanyahu. and this is something that will transpire later but to me, e of the most important potential outcomes of this visit would be to restore or to build from the outset. >> rose: a relationship between netanyahu and obama. >> and obama, where they can trust each other. >> but that starts, i think, with him building the relationship of trust with the israeli public. you see, his approval ratings went down to 10. that is what they were on friday before they went there. and the irony is that they also went down to 10 in the arab world. because what the arabs wanted was him to fulfill his promise to solve the palestinian problem. when he didn't do that and didn't close guantanamo they lost faith in him. now, i think, us through this speech and through the actions that he has taken on this trip, he will restore or reintroduce himself to the israeli public. >> rose: he wants to reset the israeli-u.s. relationship. >> once he improves his standings amongst the israeli you be pick-- public, netanyahu will be more compliant, why? because the israeli public w
? >> could be very serious. you could be talking about premiums that actually double, and something that sets off an alarm, officials for the obama administration who is in charge of setting up these exchanges across the country, said they might not be ready in time. they have to be ready by october 1st, and said they're working on plan b to avoid people facing what he called a third-world system. confused, ineffective. messy system. so, there are signs that the obama administration is beginning to get a little worried about how this is actually going to work. it's not a year away. it's october 1st for the exchanges. >> neil: is it risky for the president to be among the first to sign up for this deal? >> well, i tell you, the obama administering is going to -- when it becomes a reality, they're really going to push very hard to make sure that they are people who are helped they can point to. >> neil: that would include him. he'll sign up and become the first patient. >> totally symbolic. the president has to have the pest health care of the country. but the thing is these exchanges -- the ob
in the last year. >> ahead, pepsi is ready to do something it hasn't done in 17 years. >> caught on camera, president obama speaks to college students in israel and is >> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, sue hall in the traffic center, we have a live shot of san jose, this is southbound 280, we had an early fatal accident and c.h.p. obviously is on scene with a lost activity with the two right lanes blocked off. the left lanes are getting by and we are finding out the 1ing street on-ramp to southbound 280 is closed because of the fatal accident. northbound 880 to 101 is the alternate around this, which is a sig-alert. >> 6:15, day they of president obama's trip to the middle east and right now the president is getting ready to leave israel and head to jordan. this is a look at air force one from the airport in tel aviv. abc7 news reporter is following the president's trip from washington, dc and joins us, live. ait has been a busy and historic three days for president obama in the middle east. he concluded a meeting in bethlehem and the plac
, president obama speaking there at the holocaust museum in jerusalem, saying it's not about bearing witness but acting and he reiterated we all could be better, and before this speech he was at a replaying ceremony, something touching to him, and you can tell the tone of that speech. and this is on the last and final day of this three-day trip, and the president's first day of the trip there, a trip that indeed sparked an increased bond between the president and the u.s., and so that was the president's speaking there in jerusalem. do stay with msnbc throughout with coverage, and now we will bring you back to the rachel maddow show. >>> among the more disturbing gun crimes was the murder of the head of colorado's department of corrections. shot in cold blood when he answered his door on tuesday night. at the moment there is no known reason for the killing. details ahead. hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good drivi
east tour after getting off to something of a rocky start. critics blasting mr. obama for his failed policies in the region. we'll have that joint news conference once it begins. in the meantime let's talk with paul gigot, editorial page editor for "the wall street journal." you listened intently to the president's speech i'm sure. what did you think? >> well i thought it was above all, an attempt to reassure israelis and the fact that america has their back and to repair his relationship with prime minister benjamin netanyahu which has really been rocky as you know. the joke in the press corps it was operation dessert shamooz. jon: he start of off to the by going to muslim world to reset relations there. >> that is fine to make a trip like that. he never visited israel. he learn ad lesson from the first term. i infer that from the speech. you can't ask your friends to make peace with youred very serries -- adversaries if your friends don't trust you. if the friends don't know america will be there for them you can't ask for peace. that is the problem in the first term. he is startin
. maybe you're on to something. >> right now, president obama wrapping up his mission to the middle east and headed to his last stop as we speak. a live report coming up. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. [ dog ] you know, i just don't think i should have to wait for it! who do you think i am, quicken loans? ♪ at quicken loans, we won't make you wait for it. our efficient, online system allows us to get you through your home loan process fast. which means you'll never have to beg for a quick closing. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. bonkers, look at me when i'm talking to you. >>> good morning, welcome back. 15 minutes after the hour. let's get you up to date this morning. breaking news. three dead after a shooting at the quantico m
the obama visit in israel, which by all accounts was very successful, really means something on the peace front. on the peace talk front or whether it was just a very successful public relations and photo opportunity. and some very successful speeches. chris? >> thanks, andrea. now we're still awaiting a press conference. do we expect to start shortly between abdullah and president obama in ayman, jordan, we'll bring it to you live as soon as it happens. in the meantime all the action here in washington is focused on the u.s. senate. lawmakers are working through the weekend. finally on a laundry list of amendments attached to the democrats first budget resolution since 2009. and senate majority leader, harry reid, has guaranteed that universal background checks will be part of a final gun control package. they'll begin debating that when they return from their easter recess. joining me is "washington post" national political correspondent and my colleague, karen tumelty and john morris. my mentor. harry reid focusing on the positive in some way said that this universal background checks
president obama is getting pressure no-fly zone. come up with surgical air strikes. something to stop the killing. but the president today said at a news conference you have to be very careful with u.s. power. >> what your question may be suggesting is why haven't we simply gone in militarily. and, you know, i think it's fair to say that the united states often finds itself in a situation where if it goes in militarily if it goes in militarily. if it doesn't go in militarily, people say why aren't you doing something militarily. >> president also noted that the u.s. has provided the most aid to syrian refugees yet. and he pledged $200 million more today, shep. >> shepard: ed henry ammon jordan tonight. thanks. how bad is the refugee crisis before i let you go. is it getting even worse? >> it is. king abdullah in jordan is the one dealing with most of it. he says he he has dealt with 500 refugees from syria coming across the northern border of jordan where i am right now. and to give you an idea of how big that is, the king basically said that one refugee camp alone here in jordan is n
. this is something legitimate. big brother is watching. big brother will be watching what we write in private emails. president obama issued executive order on cyber security which allows the government to scan internet traffic flowing between banks and utilities and companies that are identified as nation's infrastructure. last week the heads of the national security agency and other intelligence agencies said cyber attacks now pose a greater threat to the united states than terrorism. the department of homeland security can now gather secret data from telecommunications companies and hopes to have the email spy program set up by the end of the year. the administration is seeking legislation to require internet service providers to inform the government about malicious software. as well as the ip address that that software comes from. there is a push to allow utilities, banks and railroads to purchase better cyber security services from companies that provide those services. now, data collected from those partnerships would be shared with u.s. intelligence agencies. and, heather, i keep going but i
to the airport. they had a trailer set up, and netanyahi and obama went in and the call was made. and we were all wondering-- it took something like half an hour. and we wondered why so long, why was the president there, why did he get on the phone. what we're told is both netanyahu and erdjuan required the president to be there, for each one that gave that leader cover to do this sort of forced public. erdogan could say president obama has explained that it's very, very important for to us at least cooperate on security intelligence. i need to do this for my friend barack obama, and netanyahu could make the same case for the people criticizing him at home for apologizing to erdogan. >> you mentioned syria. when the president got to jordan, he and king abdullah held a joint press conference, news conference, and the the president announced there he is going to be asking congress for more money to go to jordan, to help them deal with all the refugees coming in from syria. why is that important for the obama administration? >> judy, when i said there were two of the three allies in the region, the
opinion, and that is something that a lot of groups including organizing for action, outgrowth of the obama campaign, the group that gabby giffords has sponsored, and the mayor bloomberg group -- they have been trying to galvanize what they see in public opinion polls to apply pressure to members of congress and over the next two weeks lawmakers will be home doing town hall meetings and other events and these gun control groups are trying to stage rallies, protests, organized petition drives and find ways to apply that pressure, showing what public opinions polls are showing, which is support for some of these measures, encoding the background checks bill which gets 80% or 90% approval rating. chart one is a background checks should stay the same or become less strict. let's watch a recent nra ad. sex in a recent closed-door speech to donors, politicians and media, bill clinton spoke about gun owners. a lot of these people, all they have as their hunting and their fishing, or they have been listening to this stuff for so long that they believe it, and we remember barack obama s
the assault weapons ban because that is something that is something that is still an activist for those pushing for gun control. it's very telling that organizing for action, obama's nonprofit group has made its only focus to be on guns to be on background checks. >> you'll have other things, but out of the big three, it's not going to have high capacity clips and assault weapons ban. >> the public conversation about their is about a much broader range of issues. but on a legislative front it looks like it's getting to be a much narrower focus. >> you have huge support for assault weapons and it's not happening. in that's the one connection to newtown is high capacity magazines. >> but not in the senate bill. >> yep. >> we'll be back. but first trivia time. who's the first u.s. house member to have a sibling serve ti ti simultaneo simultaneously. it was thomas blounts. he served in the house beginning in 1973. his brother william, sorry -- 1793. his brother began serving in the senate in 1796. and congratulations to today's winner. it's not bob costa. it's allison funk. i'm amazed. if y
to do voluntary things. if you look at how much money, because it sort of with the obama administration, all the science you're talking about that has shown how addictive it is. there's a push to do something about this. in the obesity trends, saw the food industry doubling its lobbying money. you saw them reclassify pizza as a vegetable. you saw them kill -- the kill this sugar salt and fat, limits in marketing to children, on the other hand you see let's move and voluntary labelling. >> taco bell was trying to get food stamps to be able to spend it on tacos. >> the affordable care act is a significant victory in this regard, not only did it fund preventive care, which went into making sure that people knew what they were putting in their bodies. but it also advanced the availability of nutritional standards for people going out and purchasing food. you could see exactly what you were ingesting, and those are two underreported aspects of the affordable care act. >> which sees its anniversary saturday. we have to leave it there. that was an awesome discussion, i'm not going to eat dorit
. >> alisyn: now what is also interesting. part of the way the obama administration sold this, our health care costs are spiraling out of control and we must do something and that's legit. our health care consists were spiraling out of control, but what was interesting, is that in these private meetings that these big insurance companies are holding that you were talking about, united health care and blue cross, they say that this is because of obamacare. >> it is because of obamacare and because you're adding more volume to the system. look, i'm a numbers gal, i care about economics, not politics and when you look at adding more people to a system, giving more people more health care, and telling people who cost more to the system, because you have a pre-existing condition, or because you're older, because you use more health care, that they aren't going to be charged more. it's just logical. there's more costs in there and someone has to pay for it and that's the healthy people so that's where we're headed. it's math, it's math. it's logical. >> alisyn: it's not magic. >> it's clear it was g
on this at all who said this is okay, they think they're satisfied with the situation. everybody says something has to be done. we hear that from congress, hear that from the senate and v.a. itself. why are you now calling on president obama personally to get involved? you're calling for a presidential commission. why do you think that would help? >> because we're tired of the rhetoric. we need results. the only thing that matters is whether or not our veterans are getting the benefits they deserve. we don't think we should have to wait until the end of 2015 to have this system cleaned up. it's clear the v.a. can't handle it. the backlog and disability and number of claims waiting continue tops go up. the d.o.d. is part of this. we need the president to step in and fix it. put the full creativity and intelligence and power of the american public and white house behind it. we're not asking to put somebody on mars. we're asking to fix a broken paperwork process. right now, 97% of these claims are still on paper. let's go above the v.a. and above the d.o.d. and to the commander in chief and get hi
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for saturday and sunday. >> 9:40 a.m. and our live picture from inside were president obama is meeting with king abdullah. it looks like the president is being presented with something. he is wrapping up a three day visit to israel. he arrived in jordan this morning with a big ceremony outside. he is now inside and will be meeting with jordan's king. he has a reputation for benevolence. in addition, the king of the jordthe presider peace and more peace negotiations between all the countries in the middle east. it is an ongoing effort. it is the president's first visit to jordan. cal pulled out a big upset in the n.c.a.a. tournament and are now preparing to take on syracuse on saturday. alan graf had 19 points and nine rebounds, robert thurman scored all 12 of his points on bonds and 12 seeded california held off fifth seeded u.n.l.v. 64 to 61 is a round of the n.c.a.a. tournament thursday. the golden bears held the run and rebels without a basket for more than 11 minutes and the second half. cal turned a tied game into a nine. lee during the stress that withstood a late u.n.l.v. push f
said. if this does not come to pass, what does the obama administration do about it? the senate is trying to shoot down this tax on a medical device maker. >> the medical device packs is something that is a pretty bipartisan bill. you will not see a lot of bipartisanship there. dagen: brad, final word. do we really know what this will cost us as a nation and individuals? >> we look no further to the entitlements that the government had to perform before obamacare. medicare, renegade is going bust on its own. we created a whole new entitlement program where we could not even administer properly and provide the coverage to those already admitted. it is on a pathway to unsustainability unless something is done to change those programs. i have no confidence that obamacare will have any more success than the two programs i mentioned. dagen: thank you both. the well. connell: senators getting set for a marathon with back-to-back voting. they will be voting on amendments that protect the budgets. dagen: rich edson is live in washington, d.c. with more. rich: most of them are designed t
something, and it is absolutely right to figure out what you did wrong, and the obama people outperformed republicans in a number of ways. the idea that we are on the brink of going out of business is overstated. >> do you think that there is with the report that the chairman put together and if the republican party is willing to commit to reach out, is that the answer to try to expand the party by paying people to put operatives out there, to make that connection, to look for ways to expand the party? >> that is a big part of it. i commend the chairman. it was a very thoughtful, thorough report. it has some good recommendations. the fact is the obama campaign and the democrats did a good job of having people out there. they did that better than we did. they had a presence in all communities you had that you needed to turn out, to win. we need to be in the community year round, cycle through cycle, not just in the last three months of an election. having storefront campaign headquarters and party headquarters, people in the committee all the time is an important part. a lot of the focus h
: yeah, the tree part is the metaphor. and it's not analogy to say democrat obama -- obamacare, like nazis. that's a comparison. >> okay. >> hal: that's a direct comparison in motivation in methodology, that's a comparison. >> okay. >> hal: analogy is when you take something that is not like it and make the comparison to bring out the starkness, like you go nazis are like a weed in your garden. you can't say nazi's are like those white supremacists down the street from me. that's very important for the discussion we'll be having after the break. >> why do you feel justified justified -- compelled to justify every tangent. >> hal: because of your lion like stair. we'll be back. honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. [clucking]. everyone wants to be the cadbury bunn
side. and lawmakers not feeling the pressure of public opinion, and that is something that a lot of groups including organizing for action, outgrowth of the obama campaign, the group that gabby giffords has sponsored, and the mayor bloomberg group -- they have been trying to galvanize what they see in public opinion polls to apply pressure to members of congress and over the next two weeks lawmakers will be home doing town hall meetings and other events and these gun control groups are trying to stage rallies, organized petition drives and find ways to apply that pressure, showing what public opinions polls are showing, which is support for some of these measures, encoding the background checks bill which gets 80% or 90% approval rating. host: here is a chart on whether background checks should stay the same or become less strict. let's watch a recent nra ad. [video clip] >> in a recent closed-door speech to donors, politicians and media, bill clinton spoke about gun owners. "a lot of these people, all they have is their hunting and their fishing, or they have been listening to t
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)